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Northern Virginia's only fully MOBILE Fired Arts studio for kids!


Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.

Pablo Picasso

Fused Glass

Sparkling Shiny Magical GLASS!

There's just something magical about working with glass!  The sparkly, colorful goodness of it all...  Brings out the best in our young artisans.  Whether working with transparent or opaque glass, our parents & students alike LOVE the final results!  Every glass piece is as individual as the artist who made it.

Glass!  Glass!  Glassy!  Glass!

Working with glass is super easy & safe!  Our preskoolers are just as proficient at designing stunning glass dishes as are our older students.  Parents often exclaim their child's piece looks like it was purchased from a high-end retail store.

All it takes is a selection of colorful glass tesserae, some glue & Q-tips & a little imagination!  And, Voila!  Your glass dish is ready for use!  

While glass is included in our Enrichment & summer camps curricula, glass projects also are perfect for school fundraisers & auctions!  Bids on our glass dinner sets, when paired with various food stuffs, have sold for $2,000+ at school auctions!